The Punt Return: Betting on the NFL - Week 6

Oct 11, 2018, 10:40 AM

Josh Wye joins Dr Darryl "Data" Woodford in the Stats Insider Melbourne office to provide crystal clear audio for the very first time in 2018!

Unfortunately that meant Josh Wootton couldn't make it this week but left his value plays in the capable hands of Josh and D3 as they run their eyes - and the Stats Insider model - over Week 6 of NFL action.

Dr Data also gave us abit of a deep dive into the psychologies of bookmaking and betting, as well as how machine-learning models work under the hood in extreme circumstances. Make sure to take notice for some general betting tips at around the 20.30 minute mark!

Wait... is that TWO Locks of the Week?!


  • Teams that are 3-2 make the NFL Playoffs 48.3% of the time since 2002
  • Teams that are 2-3 make the NFL Playoffs 20.9% of the time

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1.09 Week 5 Frustrations3.30 Week 5 Lock of the Week & Results

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14.37 #INDvsNYJ

17.11 #PITvsCIN


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32.40 #SFvsGB #MNF Stats Insider Featured Game #MANvsMACHINE

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Check out for more NFL value plays from the Stats Insider machine-learning prediction model.

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