Michelle the birthday singer, where to sit in the stadium, Thursday night preview, Jimmy Butler, and more...

Episode 711,  Oct 11, 2018, 03:34 PM

In the second hour of the show, Michelle sings the Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday for Corey. Gabe and the gang talk about their favorite spots to sit at a football game, with Gabe loving the "psychos in the end zone seats", and Corey staying away from the upper deck, due to a fear of heights. The guys preview tonight's game, but question if the total of 44 points is too high for a divisional rival game that could have some bad weather. Gabe, however, also says the last few meetings have been track meets, with Eli Manning putting up big numbers against the Eagles' defense. Michelle's social update includes Jimmy Butler going off on his team, saying the Timberwolves can't win without him. Corey gets a surprise birthday present, as Michelle's hot friend, Stephanie, shows up with a birthday hug and a cupcake.

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