Jerry Hendrix (@JerryHendrixII): Chinese are increasingly desperate in their [military] activities. Economic sanctions are beginning to wear on them & they've run out of chips. .

Oct 12, 05:09 AM 

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Image: A combat ship from the Wujing Zongyao (武經總要), sometimes rendered in English as the Complete Essentials for the Military Classics, a Chinese military compendium written from around 1040 to 1044. (Wikipedia) Jerry Hendrix (@JerryHendrixII), U.S. Navy captain (ret.), & vice president with the Telemus Group, a national-security consultancy, reviews how an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer was shadowed by a Chinese destroyer at 45 yards. The Chinese commander made a decision that was reckless in the extreme. Accident? No – not an 8,500-ton destroyer that came up behind the Decatur. As it was passing h Decatur’s bow, closed to where it was within 45 yards; not done by accident – the commanding officer has a political commissar on board. It was an act of Chinese military and foreign policy, of intimidation against the US. Indicates that the Chinese have become increasingly desperate in some of their activities in the South China Sea. Economic sanctions are beginning to wear on them and they've run out of chips. . . . 

We need to continue the investment in high-end destroyers. The Navy needs to make a significant investment in carrier air wings. In the South China Sea, we’re holding our own, but just barely. China has to be overawing in only one part of the world, whereas we have to be powerful all over the world. “Spend Defense Dollars Both to Increase Quantity and Improve Quality”