Frankie Muniz, Michelle's workout tape, running through Week 6, dying in Buffalo, and more...

Episode 714,  Oct 12, 2018, 03:34 PM

The Morency and Friends crew open the second hour of the show chatting with Dancing with the Stars Junior host, Frankie Muniz, as they talk about his first season hosting the show, staying away from the obsessions of fame, and possibly getting Michelle and Corey on Dancing with the Stars. The crew starts going through the rest of Week 6, with Corey worried that the Cowboys will look as embarrassing as the Giants when they play the Jaguars. Talking about how Frankie Muniz said people need to back off Kanye West, Corey says Kanye has some sort of mental issue, and has set back the black community with his latest antics. Michelle keeps her promise from yesterday, as she gives her own workout lesson to Gabe, Corey, and the Carton and Friends listeners.Michelle's social media updates include a story of how a Buffalo Bills fan who died, asked in his obituary to have six members of the Bills be his pallbearers, so they "let him down 1 more time," and Gabe seems to think that's perfect for a Bills fan. 

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