Episode 2 - Australia's First Ever Bank Robbery

Oct 14, 2018, 02:15 AM

Crawling through a sewer drain to rob a bank seems fantastical, but it is a technique used in many successful heists throughout history, including this one. This is the story of Australia's first ever bank heist, on 14 September, 1828. 

Episode narrated, researched, written and produced by Julian Virgona.


Dictionary of Sydney - Robbing the Bank: Australia's First Bank Robbery

Trove - Extensive Robbery at the Bank of Australia

Cool Interesting Stuff - Crime: Bank of Australia Robbery 1828

Wikipedia - Bank of Australia Robbery

Music provided by Extreme Music

  • Tunnel by Gregory Hoepffner (PRS), Rachel Wood (PRS) and Tony Morley (PRS)

  • Train Heist

  • Pin Drop