Clive Deamer - Radiohead live drummer, Portishead & Robert Plant

Oct 15, 2018, 05:00 AM

On rehearsing Airbag

"...I picked up the sleigh bells and played through the whole tune. They all laughed because it was the first time they'd heard it right through."

Radiohead's second live drummer Clive Deamer is this week's guest on The StageLeft Podcast. What an honour! 90mins in depth about all things Radiohead, his unique onstage set up, how Tai Chi helps his technique, Thom Yorke's vocal warm ups, Portishead's snare sound & tonnes more.

Clive's side project HeadShy is taking off and we've heard some of the material and it's very, VERY good. Keep tabs on that! We might even get them to play at our StageLeft Nights event....on which point....

To come to StageLeft Nights - email - 5 course meal cooked by an award winning chef, live music, vinyl playback - in London.

"One of the best musical experiences of my life" - Attendee of our 2nd ever StageLeft Nights event.

You know it makes sense...

Thank you to Clive & Lisa, this was a truly humbling experience. 

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