Week 6 recap, any given Sunday, Sunday night broadcasting, Conor's Cowboys debut, and more...

Oct 15, 2018, 02:49 PM

Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the program with Gabe saying the NFL is different every week, and for the most part, we don't know what will happen week to week, especially after a week where we saw Brock Osweiler lead the Dolphins to victory, the Cowboys throttle the Jaguars' top defense, and the Patriots be the Patriots. The gang looks at the Sunday Night shootout between the Chiefs and Patriots, with the guys wishing Joe Tessitore was the announcer, and Corey saying you can't trade field goals with the Patriots. Gabe brings up how Conor McGregor showed up at the Cowboys-Jaguars game, and how his excitement, and poor throwing ability, somehow helped the Cowboys win, and helped Conor's image. Gabe finishes the hour saying he wants to cheer for "good people," and says the Patriots, as well as the New England and Boston area, are bad people.

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