Why are we in Somalia? @ThomasJoscelyn @FDD @LongWarJournal

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mid ka mid ah wadooyinka oo haawanaya taasoo noqotay khadka cagaaran ee Muqdisho sanadkii 1993.

PH1 R. ORIEZ - http://www.dodmedia.osd.mil/Assets/2000/DoD/DD-SD-00-00860.JPEG

A long shot of an abandoned MOGADISHU Street known as the "Green Line". Foliage has grown up along the sidewalk on both sides of the street. An abandoned, burned out car is seen in the center of the frame. The street is the dividing line between North and South MOGADISHU, and the warring clans. Members of the clans (not shown) tore down the roadblocks along the line in a show of unity. This mission is in direct support of Operation Restore Hope.

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File:An abandoned MOGADISHU Street known as the Green Line, Jan 1993.JPEG

Created: 19 January 1993 )



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Why are we in Somalia? @ThomasJoscelyn @FDD @LongWarJournal