Tales of the New Cold War: 2 of 2: Spy vs Spy vs History. Stephen F. Cohen @NYU @Princeton eastwestaccord.com.

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(Photo: Andropov (seated second from right in the front row) presides over the USSR's 60th Anniversary after succeeding Brezhnev as its leader.

Unknown - http://www.comunismulinromania.ro/images/stories/images/arhivafoto/07politica_externa/23/1982%20Ceausescu%20la%20Moscova%20la%2060%20de%20ani%20de%20la%20formarea%20URSS.JPG

Nicolae Ceauşescu in Moscow at the 60th anniversary of the USSR

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File:1982 Ceausescu la Moscova la 60 de ani de la formarea URSS.JPG

Created: 31 December 1981)



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Tales of the New Cold War: 2 of 2: Spy vs Spy vs History.  Stephen F. Cohen @NYU @Princeton eastwestaccord.com.