Bad Times at the El Royale + City Hunter + Mandy - Eclectica #180

Oct 17, 2018, 09:02 AM

Stan Lee is Fozzie Bear

Two mysterious drifters converge on a lonely podcast to cover "Bad Times at The El Royale". Drew Goddard's follow-up to "The Cabin in the Woods" has an enviable cast, but can it escape from under the big-chinned shadow of Tarantino?

This week's Off the Shelf has a theme, and that is beloved human cartoon characters. Graham explores the strange wonders of the new Blu-Ray release of Jackie Chan's "City Hunter" from Eureka, while Mark considers the parallels between Tom Hardy and Nicolas Cage - and if that whets your appetite for a spot of the old Cage rage then strap in because Ryan's doing Panos Cosmatos's instant cult film "Mandy". Yikes.

Three Movies, and all of them align with the occult in some way, shape or form - which means this is a bit of an odd week on Eclectica.

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Until next time, don't watch anything we wouldn't.

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