Abedom Beyene: 'I want to be the next Mo Farah'

Oct 17, 2018, 01:59 PM

After fleeing indefinite military conscription and hard labour in Eritrea, Abedom Beyene underwent a perilous year journey to England.

It involved dodging militias in Libya, beating starvation while walking across the Sahara desert and almost drowning when a wooden boat he was sharing with more than 600 refugees sank in the Mediterranean.

After being picked up in a truck in Cambridgeshire, the county council there placed him in Northampton.

Abedom quickly integrated into the community in the town, not least the running community.

He is loved by members of Northampton's parkrun, which he regularly wins in incredible times despite only taking up running this year.

Abedom now has a new ambition - to be the next Mo Farah.

I asked him about his life in Northampton…