Real Men Can Cry, says Fanny

Oct 18, 2018, 06:20 AM

The third single from her #1 ARIA Album Real Class Act challenges the attitude society has that men are supposed to be tough and hide their feelings.

The video features many familiar faces like Troy Cassar-Daley, Tom Wolfe and Pete Denahy, as it strives to break down the stigma around men's mental health that has existed for decades.

Fanny grew up on a farm in western NSW and says she was taught to be "tough and dare not share vulnerability", while the boys around her were told to "man up, take it on the chin... and don't be a wuss."

The release of the single and video follows the announcement of Real Class Act as a finalist for Best Country Album in the 2018 ARIA Awards AND as Fanny hits the road for the Under Our Hills Hoist Tour, where she'll visit southern NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Drive team Jerome and Pariya had a chat to the superstar herself, have a listen.