Using Chatbots to Engage, Give Value and Sell to Your Ideal Clients with Matt Wright

Oct 24, 2018, 07:01 AM

Chatbots are the future. If you aren't using chatbots in your business, you might be leaving money on the table. 

Are you confused yet? You're wondering, "Kendra & Christine - are you telling me to use a ROBOT to get more clients? You ladies are f-ing NUTS!"

We aren't talking robots here, we are talking intelligent chatbots (that you set up and create personally) to engage your audience, deliver your lead magnet or even host your online course or program. 

Matt Wright, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Chatbot enthusiast joins us and gets super nerdy with us and lays down the robot knowledge:

How to smash reach on your personal FB profile

How to get business page posts to appear natively on your personal FB profile

How to increase your reach on Instagram with genuine pre-engagement

How to set up a chatbot - What are the do's and don't', specifically for those in the health industry

You can check Matt's own chatbot and use message #360HealthBiz to get your free gift:

Matt is a health coach for entrepreneurs, helping them close their contribution gap by helping them build the habits that support the high demands of their lifestyle and using lab testing to find the hidden stressors.

He started his formal training as a health coach after listening to over 500 podcasts and seeing over and over how small changes could make a massive difference.

As a child, he had massive behavioral issues that were turned completely around by simple food sensitivity testing.

In his free time, Matt enjoys cranking iron at the gym, challenging hikes, and playing music.

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