How the NCAA Gaslights America

Oct 22, 08:00 AM

This week we speak to economist Andy Schwarz about his Deadspin article “The NCAA Is Gaslighting You.” Schwarz’s piece looks at case in Oakland as well as the ongoing FBI case. We also talk about the Historical Basketball League, a potential college athletic alternative to the NCAA.  

We also have ‘Choice Words’ about how sports could look in a different, more just world. We also have ‘Just Stand Up’ and Just Sit Down’ awards to a high school football team in Maryland and Charles Johnson, principal owner of the San Francisco Giants, brand-new Kaepernick Watch, and more!

Jordan McNair, a ‘Just Stand Up’ award to John Carlos and Tommie Smith on the 50th anniversary of their legendary Olympic protest as well as a ‘Just Sit Down’ award to broadcaster Brent Musberger. We also got Kaepernick Watch, and a brand new segment we are starting on the podcast!

Andy Schwarz

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