Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect

Oct 22, 11:00 AM

Our complete retrospective on Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect: family life, career highlights, ribs, the “Plane Ride from Hell”, never-before-heard stories, and more, this episode of The Genius Cast is for every wrestling fan old and new!

Curt Hennig was an AWA heavyweight champion, AWA tag team champion with Scott Hall and the greatest intercontinental champion of all time. He could play golf, he could bowl, he could play darts, football, basketball, amateur wrestling, he could do card tricks, you name it, and all the while, he stole our hearts in the process. He was smooth at everything he did in the ring and he made everyone he wrestled look like a million bucks. He was the total package and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. And when those cameras were rolling, he was arrogant with everything that he did and backed up the Mr. Perfect moniker in and out of the ring. Behind the scenes, he was a family man, a funny guy, and friend to everyone in the back. With long hours on the road, he kept the mood light and brought smiles with ribs and practical jokes. In life, he had a great beginning and middle, but sadly, his life did not end on the most perfect of circumstances. This is our ode to Curt.

Also in this week's show: Taking care of fans in Boston who jumped into the ring to attack him, wrestling fan riots, info on the medieval knight Sir Lanny Poffo, Lanny sings a dirty rendition of an old Rugby chant, and so much more. This is not an episode to miss!

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