Content Marketing and Twitter with Madalyn Sklar

Oct 24, 2018, 05:55 AM

Want to find a content marketing guru to help improve your current strategy? Look for them on LinkedIn. Want to connect with new prospects? Find them using Facebook Ads. Want to form a trusting and human relationship with all of those people? Use Twitter.

On this week's Tech Demand Weekly! podcast, Charles speaks to serial entrepreneur, community builder and leading Twitter marketing expert, Madalyn Sklar.

Madalyn has 22 years digital marketing experience and 13 years experience in social media marketing. No wonder she is ranked the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston, Texas, USA.

Madalyn has lots of advice and tips that will help drive any content marketing strategy forward on one of the world's largest social media networks. With over 300 million monthly active users, Twitter is a network that simply can't be ignored. Yet, many B2B's choose to steer clear. This week's podcast looks at how Twitter should be used effectively by all of it's members.

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