Beesotted Pre-Norwich Podcast from The Pub (During The Preston Match)

Oct 25, 05:50 AM

Brentford went to Preston desperate for a win against the side with the worst defence in the league.

The Beesotted crew decided to give the PNE game a miss this season choosing to watch the game on the Sky Red button - only the third match Billy and Dave have missed between them home and away since the Rosler era.

Assembled in The Globe pub to watch the game were Billy Grant, Dave Lane, Gary Paul, Dan The Man, Teacher, Klopp, Wanderer Paul and Oli the Bee.

We were told it was going to be a high scoring match by @ProfoundValley. He wasn't wrong as #PNE ran out 4-3 winners.

Podcast flits between the live verdict on the match from various fans to reflecting on broader Brentford issues:

0m - Intro

20 in 21 sec - First goal scored - view from the pub

21 m 40 sec - More Beesotted Comment and views from the pub

28 m 55 sec - Half time thoughts on match - chat to Preston fan

35 m 44 sec - Bees fan talks about Brentford B tea win v Southampton this afternoon

41 m 25 sec - Bees fans discuss PNE match post-match

1 hr 1m 06 sec - Five from The Hive - Clare Thomas (@ClareBearThomas) gives us the lowdown on Norwich

1 hr 7 min 14 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Norwich match taking place at the weekend

1 hr 23 min 55 sec - END

Photo credit: Mark Fuller (Official Brentford Pics)