Bullying, Language, Theresa May and the Budget

Oct 25, 2018, 03:19 PM

Adam Boulton and guests focus on the culture in Westminster this week as the House of Commons Commission confirms it's backing the recommendations of the Cox report on bullying and harassment in Parliament. "Assassination is in the air" and "the moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted" are two anonymous quotes attributed to MPs in relation to Theresa May's future this week - the panel will examine whether those in public life ought to watch their words. And we look ahead to next week's Budget and the important issue of whether's it's been scheduled to avoid clashing with Halloween! Joining Adam this week are Sky's political correspondent Tamara Cohen, the FT's political correspondent Laura Hughes and Amy Leversidge from the FDA union for public sector professionals. #Bullying #language #Brexit #Budget #skynews #politics