A Life of Family Entrepreneurship Pt. 2: Meet Tom and Ariana Sylvester with Lifestyle Builders | The Hive Five

Oct 29, 2018, 10:45 AM

We are glad to welcome back to the Hive Five Podcast, Tom Sylvester, who is with his wife Ariana in this episode. Tom was in our third ever episode and we are excited that he was kind enough to make another appearance. Tom and Ariana are the founders of Lifestyle Builders, the company Tom talks about in episode 3, but in this episode, we go a different route. We talk to Tom and Ariana about their story together, Ariana’s perspective on Lifestyle Builders, how they work together as husband and wife, and we talk about their upcoming book “Lifestyle Builders: Replace Your Income, Quit Your Job, and Live Your Ideal Life”.

Tom and Ariana met in college and became a couple not long after meeting. They discovered they both had similar goals and aspirations and decided to work towards achieving those. After graduation, they started a real estate investing company, they had a baby, then started a wine and liquor store, had another baby, and ultimately started an online consulting company, which has since become Lifestyle Builders. The goal is to build a movement of entrepreneurs whose goal it is to become an entrepreneur for the freedom it allows you to provide and care for your family. They help entrepreneurs build the lifestyle they want and are working towards living.

One of the unique perspectives we debut in this episode is hearing from a couple that actually work and co-manage a business together. Many people say that they would never be able to work alongside of their spouse. However, because Tom and Ariana both aspired for the same things and had similar mindsets, they have found a way to make it work. In this episode, they discuss tips and tricks for how they work through any rough patches, but also how they work together in a day-to-day setting.

If you enjoyed Tom’s previous episode, you definitely need to check this one out! It’s full of great stories and advice on business, entrepreneurship, and especially working alongside your spouse. If you haven’t listened to Tom’s past episode, go give it a listen as well! You won’t regret it!

Tom and Ariana’s 5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about yourself and others around you. 

  2. Don’t try to be like everyone else.

  3. Find your support system.

  4. “Pretty” marketing doesn’t necessarily equal you getting results.

  5. Remember why you’re doing this.

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