We knew who the Red Sox were, Goff shots in Gurley mode, Boston, Billdos, and more...

Oct 29, 2018, 02:39 PM

Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show congratulating the World Champion Red Sox, including David Price, who went out and dominated in the deciding Game 5 against the Dodgers. Looking at the Rams going 8-0, Corey takes a shot at "bus driver" Jared Goff, and Gabe says Todd Gurley made the right move by not scoring and running the clock down, even though the entire fantasy sports world went in to a frenzy. Gabe can't understand how Corey can say "there is no Word Series Champion in 2018," and Gregg goes on to ask him if there is a president, and Corey says no. The Red Sox winning this World Series gives the city of Boston 11 championships in the 21st century, with the crew dreadfully arguing if Boston is the true sports capital of the world. Gabe and Corey give props to the Packers and Steelers fans, who they consider to be the most well-travelled fans, even though the Packers were in fair-weathered Los Angeles. The gang finishes the hour talking about how Bills fans are bringing dildos to tonight's game against the Patriots as a troll effort against Tom Brady. 

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