Deuce and Mo Return

Oct 30, 2018, 04:57 AM

Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan have brought back the award-winning Deuce & Mo podcast. They talked about why they stopped for a year and why it made sense to bring it back (00:30), why Deuce is loving the NBA right now (6:45), what's jumped out to them about the Kings early season success (10:00), surprises of the NBA season including JaVale McGee and the Rockets (18:40), why Melo isn't working in Houston (22:50), how they feel about Jimmy Butler's future and why it's risky to trade for him (25:10), if anyone is getting past Golden State (30:37), Klay's record-breaking night (31:15), what could make Kawhi stay in Toronto (33:40), the rookie class is special (39:10), Ty Lue getting let go (44:40), Hue Jackson getting let go and Deuce isn't a fan of Gregg Williams (50:30), Deuce wants Harbaugh in Cleveland (55:20), Jameis Winston done in Tampa Bay (58:40), the issues with the new Monday Night Football crew (01:02:00), Jon Gruden destroying the Raiders (1:07:00), how they're feeling about the 49ers (01:10:00), Morgan's issues with Halloween candy (01:15:20) and how ESPN messed up its NBA coverage (01:17:40).