Halloween brings Christmas commercials, stopping the run, Kawhi trade, Red Sox troll the Yanks, and more...

Episode 749,  Oct 31, 2018, 03:41 PM

To open the second hour of the show, Gabe talks about how the day after Halloween is the start of the Christmas commercial season, which he finds nauseating. While talking about the Saints and their Super Bowl aspirations, Gabe talks about how teams need to be able to stop the run, saying it can make or break the spirit of the defense, and compares it to a UFC fighter being able to break out of a stranglehold. Corey brings up how the state of the Buccaneers history of Quarterbacks is appalling, citing Vinny Testaverde as one of the top passers in their franchise. NBA analyst Pete Yannopoulus joins the show to talk about how everyone has benefitted from the Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan trade, and how the Pistons have been playing above their expectations. The Red Sox are holding their World Series parade today, with the team trolling the Yankees, and Corey says "keep it up, Boston." Michelle's social update includes how Shaun White apologized for wearing an offensive Halloween costume, and Gabe promptly calls him a scumbag. 

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