Episode 190 - Jesse Brown (Journalist, Canadaland)

Nov 01, 2018, 01:56 AM

When your fearless host, Damian was young his counter cultural imagination was ignited by a small, short-lived, rebel, Toronto punk student newspaper called, Punch. Imagine Damian’s amazement when he found out the editor of said magazine was none other than, the venerable media powerhouse, Canadaland's founder, JESSE BROWN!!! Sit back as Damian hears all about the journey that brought Jesse from being a teenage journalist wunderkind, burnt out by success to fulfilling the promise of Punch all these years later. 

Also Touched On:

Damian’s Inspiration

Liking Old Music

Robert Johnston

Sonic Youth

Bad Brains

Making Your First Real Friends

Pearl Jam

“Where Can I Get A Mudhoney Shirt?”


Living Color Is Part Of It

Getting Into Hate & Eightball

Rollin’s As Inspiration By Being... Not Good

Getting Into Re//Search & Pranks

Reading About Howard Stern, but Not Being Able To Hear It

Creating A Column To Take The Piss Out Of The Whole High School

Starting The Legendary Punch (CA)

Not Wanting To Just: “Make Noise In The Basement.”

Winning The Toronto Star Young Journalism Award

The Fine Art Of Being A Disrupter… Or Just A Shit Disturber

Getting Celebrated In The Real Media

Burning Out On News

Running Away To Montreal To Become an Artist

Working At VICE...