Pre Millwall & Mark Warburton Interview Podcast

Nov 01, 07:29 AM

A small but perfect formed Beesotted delegation weaved their way through the trick-or-treaters in Twickenham and made it in one piece to The Prince Blucher pub.

We talked about the current poor run following defeat at Norwich, we replay the Mark Warburton interview from Beesotted's Monday night lovesport radio show, we chew the fat over the QPR ticket farce, as well hearing from Nick Hart from Achtung Millwall podcast (@cbl_magazine) ahead of the weekend's derby.


In the pub were: Dave Lane, Matt 'The Allard' Allard & The Dutchman

00:00-14:40 Intro and Stop The Rot

14:45-33:20 Mark Warburton Interview

33:25-42:30 QPR Ticket Farce

43:00-56:56 Five From The Hive with Achtung! Millwall

57:00-58:00 Millwall Predictions and Outro