The Joy of Queen, bizarre recording techniques, more greatest moments in pop

Nov 01, 2018, 10:36 AM

Celebrating the minds behind the music on the latest edition of BE THERE WITH DALI are special guests KATE MOSSMAN (Arts Editor of the New Stateman) and author and pop culture expert TRAVIS ELBOROUGH. This time: our guests listen to their favourite albums as they’ve never heard them before, on DALI’s super-detailed CALLISTO and RUBICON speakers.

For Queen-loving Kate it’s their tragic masterpiece ‘The Miracle’ and for Travis it’s ‘Laughing Stock’, the under-appreciated final album by dream-pop architects Talk Talk. What will they discover about the albums they thought they knew inside out? Plus – the strangest recording techniques in studio history, and our guests choose their own personal Greatest Five Seconds In Pop History. Hear all the songs we talk about on our Tidal playlist

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