Thursday night train wreck, worst Halloween costumes, sports jerks, Taylor Stevens, and more...

Episode 752,  Nov 01, 2018, 03:36 PM

To start the second hour, Gabe starts previewing tonight's Raiders-49ers game, with Gabe saying even though the Raiders are a mess, they are actually moving in the right direction as they rebuild for their move to Las Vegas. The gang looks at some of the worst Halloween costumes from last night, including New Jersey Devils player Blake Coleman dressing up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Gabe and Corey agree that Matt Patricia is a jerk, but unlike scumbag Bill Belichick, he's also not a good coach, and players do not respond well to him. Adult star Taylor Stevens joins the gang in studio, as they chat about her Patriots fandom, her betting picks for the weekend in sports, and how to properly send "meat mail."

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