Drunk fanbases, Michelle's Eagles game date, Monday night spread, and more...

Nov 05, 2018, 05:01 PM

To open the second hour of the show, Gabe brings up the most drunk fan bases in the NFL, which include the Cowboys, Cardinals, Saints, and Patriots; the gang agrees this list is inaccurate, wondering where the Bills and Eagles fans are on the intoxication scale. Finding out that Michelle will be going to the Eagles-Cowboys game coming up next week, Corey questions who her plus-1 for said game is, after finding out it is someone of the male persuasion. Gabe and Corey look at the Monday night spread, with the Cowboys getting 5, and Gabe explains why the Titans are his pick of the week to beat the spread. Looking at the NBA, Gabe thinks Jimmy Butler is a selfish punk, and is playing himself in to NBA purgatory, but Corey says the Knicks will still do whatever it takes to get a player of his caliber talent. With Election Day coming up tomorrow, Corey makes his campaign stance to be "re-elected as the Mayor of Harlem."

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