Adam Schefter joins the Pro Football Doc Podcast (Week 10)

Nov 05, 2018, 08:16 PM

Today on the Pro Football Doc Podcast Dr. Chao interviewed ESPN's Adam Schefter. Dr. Chao also breaks down injuries from Week 9 in the NFL, takes a few followers questions from Twitter, gives you his 'Beast of the Week' and breaks down where he went right and wrong last week in the 'Pro Football Doc Injury Scorecard.'

Time Stamps for Episode 13:

0:55-19:05 - Dr. Chao interviews ESPN's Adam Schefter.

21:30 - Week 9 Quarterback Injuries (Mayfield, Flacco, Rodgers and more)

23:55 - Week 9 Running Back Injuries (Carson, Michel, Ivory and more)

28:32 - Week 9 Wide Receiver Injuries (Green, Watkins, Hill and more)

31:29 - Week 9 Gronkowski update.

33:47 - Week 9 Other Injuries (Paradis, Williams, Scherff and more)

36:47 - Dr. Chao's Week 9 Dominoes (New Segment)

40:12 - Pro Football Doc Injury Scorecard

57:15 - Twitter Q & A with Executive Producer Sean Pfeiffer