Election Day, Garrett must go chants, College basketball tip-off, Pete Yannapolous, and more...

Nov 06, 2018, 03:26 PM

Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with the gang excited for the start of college basketball, with Corey saying Duke, much to his chagrin, look like the real deal. Gabe understands why Corey is melting down over watching his Cowboys lose to the Titans last night, and explains that Jason Garrett is the worst coach in the NFL, which he also says is the most important coaching position in the big 4 of sports. Pete Yannapolous joins the show to vent his frustrations on the Cowboys, as well as discuss opening tip-off of the college basketball season. Remembering it's Election Day, Corey reminds everyone to vote him for re-election of Mayor of Harlem, even though Michelle would love to have him as the Mayor of Hoboken. Michelle's social update includes Michael Irvin going off on Monday Night Football, and Allen Iverson talking trash about the NBA dress code. 

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