Election betting odds, how 'bout them Tar Heels, Eli's end of the road, Bills Mafia #Turdgate, and more...

Nov 06, 2018, 05:28 PM

The final hour of the program starts with gabe looking at the betting odds for Election Day, including Democrats as favorites to win the House, and Republicans locked in for the Senate. Looking at Michelle wearing baby blue today, Corey gets excited to watch his UNC Tar Heels get ready for tip-off tonight, hoping it gets the bad taste left in his mouth from the Cowboys. Gabe brings up how the Giants are looking in to everyone as moving parts, and Corey gives some parting words, a la Boyz 2 Men, for Eli Manning. Learning that someone at a Bills fan threw a piece of feces, leaving it under someone's seat, has Gabe thinking it's time for Bills fans to have an intervention as to their behavior at games.

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