S15E30 - Plastic Is Scary And It's Inside Your Bum

Season 15, Episode 30,  Nov 06, 2018, 05:42 PM

How's that for a title?

It's time for another peep through the keyhole of science and technology news with The Geek Show, and this week Graham joins Producer Rob for some tasty morsels of the weird and strange.

Kicking things off is the rather serious news that humans are already eating microplastics - but the method of discovery is somewhat … gross. After that we discover that Elon Musk plans to make his own suburban "batcave", the meaning of #protestNIPS, a Japanese company that rewards its employees for getting a good night's sleep, the removal of Apu from The Simpsons, the link between dirty socks and malaria, some bizarre Star Wars merchandise, lighting plants in Chengdu, the Catholic alternative to Pokémon GO and more.

We end the show with a look at some of the nominations and winners of the Ig Nobel Awards for 2018 (and before you ask, no - we didn't make any of them up).

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