#FunkNFantasy You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree Pal

Nov 07, 01:55 AM

CHALLENGE! On tonight's show, Luigi was challenged by listener Doug to heads up battle and as always, Luigi has gladly accepted! Doug chose the category and he wanted to take on Luigi in "Dog Breeds". He was confident that he's going to walk all over Luigi but Luigi isn't a bitch! (pardon the pun) and Doug got whooped!

The trade deadline is tomorrw in Fantasy Football and Luigi was trying to make a move for the playoff run. So he had the trade partner call in live to say "deal or no deal". Luigi pulled out all the stops to try and make the deal.

 As always he broke down the week that was in the NFL, going over his MVP's and SOB's of the week and his weekly avoid and deploy list. Along with the daily fantasy plays and the Stone Cold PVC Pipe Locks!

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