The Other Side of the Wind + To the Wonder + Shampoo - Eclectica #183

Nov 07, 2018, 11:45 AM

Dummy Massacre!

It's a podcast that has been forty years in the making - which makes it even stranger that we ended up recording it on Bonfire Night!

This week the Eclectica gang get together for a chat about the latet Orson Welles's extremely late-period film "The Other Side of the Wind", but that's not the only late-period directorial indulgence, as Off the Shelf sees Graham take up a cudgel in defence of Terrence Malick's misunderstood "To the Wonder". Meanwhile, Aidan discovers some prime-era Hal Ashby with Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and the late Carrie Fisher starring in "Shampoo", which has been newly reissued on Blu-Ray by the Criterion Collection.

We also pitch an all-directors remake of Inside Out, because we can.

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