ReWatchable Episode #288: ‘Sense8’ 2×06 — What genre is it anyway?

Nov 07, 2018, 02:46 PM

Join the ReWatchable hosts as they continue their re-watch with Sense8 season 2, episode 6, “Isolated Above, Connected Below.”

Superfans: Mitch and Danielle

Newbies: Caitlin and Natalie

Fun Facts:

Danielle is really excited about her new podcasting microphone. Natalie finally started watching the new iteration of Queer Eye and is really enjoying it. Caitlin is currently finding some (much-needed) happiness in mainlining Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Network. Mitch is crying over the interview between Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet.

Sense8 season 2, episode 6, “Isolated Above, Connected Below”

– Synopsis

– Wait, wait, wait. How did the rave happen? What was the plan and who was ACTUALLY there at the rave?

– Like Jupiter Ascending, Sense8 is very much wish fulfillment and we should just not question this.

– Let’s talk about Puck, baby.

– Puck makes Felix look like he should always be walking around in a tuxedo.

– Natalie is 100% here for Mr. Hoy.

– We can imagine the sensates in a variety of different genres because their story covers so many aspects of the human experience.

– Who is the Cannibal?

– Riley is told to go to Chicago… Alone. Why?

– Nomi gets called out as being narcissistic and we all kind of agree on that point. She could’ve waited 15 minutes, heard her sister out, and not run away from the dress fitting in her underwear to go stomp around the ruins of a cabin in the woods.

– Raoul burns down the cabin, but we can’t decide how he was being controlled.

– Seriously, what is UP with Angelica and why is she the WORST?

– Sun’s dog crying was the worst thing that happened in this episode because SHE’S SO PRECIOUS.

– We take a detour and talk about London, Primrose Hill, and where exactly Riley and Will are squatting (which is SUPER exciting for those who have never been to London).

– Lito does the São Paulo Pride Parade and it’s so lovely.

– Capheus 2.0 is the right iteration of Capheus to run for political office. Capheus 1.0, not so much.

– Zakia’s pansexuality is a really interesting layer to add to the show at this point.

– Capheus’ mom’s stride of pride is definitely note-worthy.

– The Kalagang sex scene is very uncomfortable and we hated every minute of it.

– Kala’s “fantasy” is really problematic here.

– The Kalagang ship isn’t sailing here. At. All.

– Lila kills a LOT of people.

– Favorite Scenes

– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

– This is the Queer Place points out another great line from last week’s episode.

– We get an email from a listener going through our Buffy the Vampire Slayer round who has some thoughts on the rules of vampirism. And we have a lot of our own thoughts in return.

Caitlin’s Conjectures and Fisher’s Forecasts:

– Sense8 season 2, episode 7, “I Have No Room in My Heart for Hate”