Dead guys wins election, Joe Lisi talks CFP, NFL one-word descriptions, and more...

Nov 07, 2018, 05:16 PM

In the final hour of the program, Gabe starts by saying he can't understand how 70% of Florida could vote against legalized gambling, and how Nevada could vote for Dennis Hof, who won a seat in the state assembly, even after the fact he died last month. Joe Lisi joins the program to give his take on the college football playoff rankings, and who he thinks could make a push for upsets over teams like Alabama and Clemson. The gang, along with Taylor Stevens, go back to one-word descriptions for each NFL team, calling the Vikings "average" and the Packers, according to Taylor, "disconnected." Gabe calls the Lions mediocre and even calling Matt Patricia a slob. The gang congratulates Chris Bones for finishing the New York Marathon, and explains his journey through the boroughs, including running through a happy smoke cloud in Harlem. 

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