Election Erection Rant - #MustWatchRadio Hr 1

Nov 08, 04:06 AM

Hr 1 - As always, fun, frivolity and major substance from the Tony Bruno how Live podcast @MoonshinePHILLY.

Out of the gate with NFL news and lots of Phila Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys talk. Dez Bryant signs with the Saints in time to play vs the Bengals in Cincy this weekend, but will definitely be read to host the Eagles in New Orleans in a week 11 showdown.

We talked MLB free agency and Bryce Harper rejected a 10-yr 300 million dollar offer from the Washington Nationals..Where does he wind up?

Tony ripped CNN fake news phony Jim Acosta for being a moron at the WH Press briefing and pushing away a female interns hand while refusing to give up the microphone and later being banned for his behavior.

We had the election recap no one covered, including Dead Buddy Ranch owner Dennis Hoff winning election in a Nevada Assembly District and a Imprisoned Democratic representative in Austin, Texas being elected despite serving a 1-yr jail term.

Great call from our official show archivist Jim from Cheltenham from 2008 when Tony gave a Dallas Cowboys fan a hilarious verbal beat down after losing another playoff game

And Miss Robin's weekly Florida update detailed a Florida man who did something he believed would save us a from a potential mass killer. Luckily, he also saved us from himself