Hustler Rip Rogers

Nov 12, 10:10 AM

We’re excited to have the head trainer of Ohio Valley Wrestling, Hustler Rip Rogers (@Hustler2754) on our show today! He’s a guest many listeners have been asking us to get on for a while now. Rip started off his time in Angelo, Randy and Lanny's ICW territory in 1977 and he has had a significant history with the Poffo family over the years. In this week's episode, Lanny and Rip look back on their time on the road together and let us take a peek behind the curtain to what it was really like to be a wrestler in the 70s and 80s! From wrestlers dodging their restaurant bills, to creatively saving money on the road by sleeping sixteen to a hotel room, the Iron Sheik, "smelly" ribs in the car, Ronnie Garvin crashing his car due to being "preoccupied", and more, this colorful conversation is one you don't want to miss!

Also in this week's show: Lanny gives his thoughts on Japan, New Japan Pro Wrestling, how one of the most influential men in professional wrestling, Rikidōzan, was murdered by the Japanese mafia, wrestling his brother Randy and why it never happened in the WWF, wrestling in Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio, Macho Man on the Arsenio Hall Show, wrestling Ciclón Negro in Venezuela, and so much more!

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