Best of @RichardAEpstein: Obstruction, & what is to be done? @HooverInst

Nov 09, 02:50 AM

Photo: James Comey 

Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Obstruction, & what is to be done? @RichardAEpstein @HooverInst "Mr. Comey gave ammunition to the president’s side, too, particularly by admitting that he had orchestrated the leak of his account of his most critical meeting with Mr. Trump with the express purpose of spurring the appointment of a special counsel, which he accomplished. The president’s defenders said Mr. Comey had proven Mr. Trump was right when he called the former F.B.I. director a “showboat” and a “grandstander,” a conclusion Democrats once shared when he was investigating Hillary Clinton last year. But Mr. Comey also revealed that he had turned over memos of his conversations with Mr. Trump to that newly-appointed special counsel, Robert S. Mueller, III, suggesting that investigators may now be looking into whether or not Mr. Trump obstructed justice by dismissing the F.B.I. director. “This was a devastating day for the Trump White House, and when the history of the Trump presidency is written, this will be seen as a key moment,” said Peter H. Wehner, who was White House advisor to President George W. Bush. ‘My takeaway is James Comey laid out facts and was essentially encouraging Mueller to investigate Trump for obstruction. That’s a huge deal.’ . . ."®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0