Departure Lounge with Imogen Brough

Nov 09, 2018, 03:20 AM

Ethereal melodies surrounded by ambient landscapes combine together creating a world of music, sentiment and emotion. Haunting vocals entwine powerfully with harmonies, strings, piano and orchestral drums, expressing the passion Imogen Brough has for her songwriting and storytelling. Her music is enough to carve a niche in the current folk and pop landscapes.

Imogen’s first single "Heart" released in 2014 was quickly selected as the theme music for the official Vidal Sassoon add in the US for 2014 and 2017, as well as featured on the Australia drama ‘Winners and Losers’, and ‘The Wrong Girl.’ 

"Love Is Like A Match" followed reaching the Top 100 on the iTunes pop charts, and was chosen as the feature music on the trailer for ‘Dance Academy’ in 2016. 

Having toured with Ireland’s Brian Kennedy and worked alongside Australia’s Damien Leith, her music career is inspiring and boundless. Channel 9’s The Voice was a great outlet for Imogen in 2013, empowering her to be involved in the Australian music industry. The two-year in the making EP Into The Moonlight was a beautiful collection of songs and was released in November 2015.

Early 2018 saw Imogen writing new music and recording with producer and songwriting Xavier Dunn in Sydney. Her third single is out now!

Geelong's own and friend of the show Imogen checked into the Departure Lounge to talk about post-master's life and making music.