Build Global Mindset and Expand Your Reach with Fredrik Haren

Nov 12, 2018, 12:30 AM

Fredrik Haren is a Keynote Speaker who speaks at global conferences around the world. He has travelled 65 different countries to speak and share his message as a professional speaker. He has been to 24 countries as a global keynote speaker last year alone. Fredrik has authored 10 different books including The Ideabook which was included in top 100 best business books of all time. He writes about professional speaking at and runs a very interesting project called Ideas Island on one of his three islands.  Some Questions I ask Fredrik:   How do you minimize distractions? Is there any process or approach that you follow in coming out with good ideas? How you went on to become a global speaker from being a Swedish speaker?  What do you think are the reasons for people not going global with their services? How do you make your speech relevant to people all around the globe? Want to start your own podcast? I can help you launch your very own podcast right from coming out with idea to publishing episode number one. Join my SIX weeks long online group podcast coaching program. Read More.    Time Stamps: 03:18 Why Fredrik loves staying home every few months just chilling with kids? 07:05 Fredrik's principle for stress free life. 09:00 He shares his process of coming out with great ideas.  14:15 Fredrik explains why he let strangers live on one of his three islands without charging a dime and idea behind it. 16:45 He talks about how he became a speaker. 22:45 How does your mindset and culture might be stopping you from going global? 28:57 Why Fredrik believes the most effective speeches are those that plays on human emotions? 33:32 What does he thinks about delivering same keynote speech over and over again. 42:06 His way of being selective to the opportunities that helps him grow. 45:00 How does he approach the challenges on his life? 49:56 Message from a listener. 51:51 Enlightening Round Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Read full show notes and resources: