Executive Marriage Solution - Podcast

Nov 13, 2018, 11:05 AM

Host Marnye Young (the Audio Sorceress) talks with author Dr. Lisa Webb. After advising hundreds of executive couples over two decades, Lisa has witnessed firsthand the power of using economic strategy to generate high return in marriage.

About the Book: Are you and your spouse struggling to connect and find common ground? Do your obligations as a high-ranking executive make it difficult to achieve work-life balance? In The Executive Marriage Solution, the author sheds light on how our priorities hinder our personal relationships, and details what can be done to succeed both at home and in the C-suite.

Perhaps you spend the bulk of your time at the office and use business strategies to make corporate decisions. The Executive Marriage Solution details how you can apply such corporate strategies to transform the course of your marriage. By investing in your relationship the same way do in your profession, you can succeed both at home and in the C-suite.

In the form of compelling case studies and practical advice, Dr. Lisa Webb—business owner and strategy consultant, personal relationship advisor, and licensed clinical psychologist—outlines proven techniques for spouses to reevaluate their priorities, and examine where they are currently to set feasible goals for the future.

Print & Ebook Coming Soon to Amazon

Audiobook available December 25, 2018)