#FunkNFantasy The Man Behind The Mask

Nov 13, 02:26 AM

On tonight's show Luigi brought in his long time friend and The Commissioner of his own long time fantasy football league, Rob Rennie to co-host with him. Rob was filling if for everyone else affiliated with this program because they're all bust on a Monday...... but in their defense, no one expected a dumpster fire on a Monday.

Listener Doug was here to pick up his winnings from defeating Luigi heads up in The Luigi vs The Listeners Fantasy Showdown in a category of his choosing. It was a close match up but Doug was able to defeat Luigi so it's pay up time for Luigi. This weeks match up was!...... Mascots in sports. This should have been an epic whooping by Luigi but the voters will find a way to rob him from victory he's sure.

Luigi went on one hell of a rant during a call and again during a submission by a listener for the game. He also broke news about Stan Lee passing away and will pay respects to him on next weeks program.

This show went off the rails early but smoothed itself out nicely like it always does in the end:)

Since it's Monday and not Tuesday, Charlie called in with a Monday Five instead of a Tuesday Ten as well.

As always he will break down the week that was in the NFL, going over his MVP's and SOB's of the week and his weekly avoid and deploy list. Along with the daily fantasy plays and the Stone Cold PVC Pipe Locks!

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