Best of Gregory Copley: China’s massive encroachments into Australian political life—buying off politicians incl a recent Australian foreign minister who became a lackey of Beijing. A nation can’t be sovereign if it can’t control its food supplies.

Nov 13, 2018, 05:22 AM

Engraving: A 19th-century engraving of an indigenous Australian encampment, representing the Indigenous mode of life in the cooler parts of Australia before the arrival of Europeans Permissions: Public Domain. Native Encampment by Skinner Prout, from Australia (1876, vol II).jpg

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Gregory R Copley, author, Sovereignty in the Twenty-first Century; ed and publ of Defense & Foreign Affairs; in re: China. Confrontation between Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, and US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Wang had a temper tantrum, threatened the US Navy, Taiwan, and the US-North Korea conversation. In this era, the world is entertaining thoughts on national sovereignty.

China always understood that there’d be a need for a showdown; with the European Union, which evaporated into a pile of jelly; now is having to rebuild its strategy to confront and push back against Trump, who stopped the inexorable rise of the PRC and the inexorable decline of the US [and kowtowing to China]. Beijing talks globalism and is a profoundly nationalistic government, incl control over its resources and food supplies, of which the PRC has inadequate supplies, esp food. A nation cannot be sovereign if it cannot control its food supplies; in WWII, Britain went from being a net food exporter to being a net food importer. Chinese people flocked to authoritarian leadership in the knowledge that it was restoring prestige and pride to China such as hadn't been seen since the last empress. . . . Australia has prospered for these last decades as China’s demand for resources . . . China has made massive encroachments into Australian political life, literally buying off politicians incl a recent Australian foreign minister, who became a lackey of Beijing; China is also buying lands and agricultural capabilities. Australia is now starting to import foods, which is ot healthy for either China or Australia. Australia is massively urbanized – 89.6% - so voters think in short terms, not in the longer term, as farmers do. Australia’s GDP has been growing less rapidly than its neighbors, such as India and certainly China (930% bigger than Australia’s); and Indonesia. In relative terms, Australia’s capabilities have radically declined; it had lots of oil refineries, but now has only a 15-day supply. Coral Sea: Chinese inroads in PNG, Vanuatu, and others. Australia is not yet seeing it being as dire a threat as is needed.