#4x44: Confused

Nov 13, 2018, 04:58 PM
  • We're joined by Rachel Ritlop, the owner of The Confused Millennial website and podcast!

  • California has had a terrible week -- Pam and Andrew have stories relating to the Thousand Oaks shooting and the horrific fires

  • Midterm update: The Blue Wave's high tide continues, as Donald Trump declares that we shouldn't count all votes

  • We talk to Rachel about how The Confused Millennial became her full time job

  • What are the biggest challenges with being on that work-from-home grind? And are more people hopping on the freelance train?

  • The panelists have a classic millennial issue in common: They all worry about the future.

  • This week's news all involves entertainment: Disney+, Toy Story 4, Detective Pikachu, and Stan Lee

  • We call one of our listeners who enjoys life as a freelancer (but don't expect them to attend a 12:01 AM Fantastic Beasts screening

  • Andrew recommends Joking Hazard, a game like Cards Against Humanity, but with pictures

  • This week's episode is sponsored by Homesick Candles (use promo code MILL for 10% off a $50+ order and free shipping), Lola¬†(use promo code MILL for 40% off a subscription), and Policy Genius!

And this week in After Dark:

  • Pam recently visited Disneyland where it's impossible to find short lines.

  • In better news for Pam, she's finally settled on a therapist. She talks about how she found the right one.

  • In other mental health news, Andrew is finally off of Lexapro. However, he wonders if he'd be better off continuing to take small doses.