Episode 50: The History of What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

Jan 01, 2018, 10:59 AM

Tony Schiavone was out of wrestling. Conrad Thompson had an idea for a podcast. This unique podcast documentary on WHW with Tony Schiavone takes you through the twists, turns, success, and evolution of one of the most unique podcasts in the world. From the beginning contact to the final result of the funniest most entertaining listens you can have, enjoy the backstory of the highlights of the show from Goldberg to Halloween Havoc 95 and all points in between. The show's most memorable moments, pivotal decision points, and interviews with Tony and Conrad as well as others in the WHW family are integrated with a musical backdrop to not only highlight a remarkable first year, but to celebrate and document Tony Schiavone coming home to the world of professional wrestling; on THIS special episode of WHW Mondays, The History of What Happened When!