Widows (2018) + My Man Godfrey + The Last Waltz - Eclectica #184

Season 1, Episode 184,  Nov 14, 2018, 04:07 PM

Examining Neil Young's Nostrils

A New Duo Emerges!

Join Aidan and Sarah as they discuss the latest film from the critically adored Steve McQueen, and what they find is that "Widows" is strangest of all beasts - an accessible film (well, accessible for Steve McQueen anyway as that guy has some bleak chops).

About half way through the show we have a rather extreme change in tone from mean streets and heists to screwball comedy as Sarah tackles the the Criterion release of "My Man Godfrey" starring William Powell. After that it's Aidan's turn on the movie rodeo, and this week he's got Scorsese in the director's chair with documentary-cum-concert movie "The Last Waltz" - which may be a little out of his comfort zone but oh well …

It's in weeks like this that we really earn our moniker of Cinema Eclectica.

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Until next time, stay well away from Robert Duvall's Fox Collection.

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