Episode 6 w/ Daniel Echeverri

Nov 14, 2018, 04:30 PM

DreamBIG HipHop is at an all time high with this next guest. Daniel "Eche" Echeverri is a 2018 World Inline Hockey Champion, Pan American back to back Champion with the Colombian Hockey team. 2 time Collegiate Champion, winning for Florida Gulf Coast University.  Daniel tells us his road to triumph from arriving in Florida via Colombia, South America. How he first fell in love with the game of hockey by witnessing his hometown team, Florida Panthers!!  Defitnetly not your traditional South American sport but that did not stop Eche.  His road to success has to be recognized and DreamBIG HipHop is here to document, praise, congratulate and recognized his hard work and effort.  Eche gives his "DreamBIG Moment" and what's next in the future of Colombia as he prepares for AMERIGOL LATAM CUP 2018!