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Nov 15, 04:55 AM

Hr 2 - Lots of sports discussion to start this week's pre-winter-storm edition of the podcast live from Moonshine Philly. We had out milk, butter, eggs and toilet paper all ready to weather the hype.

NBA has become more drama filled than Basketball Wives with the Warriors now involved in petty, bitchy bickering.

Sixers unsheathed their new and improved line-up and proceeded to blow a 16-pt lead and lose in Orlando. Process Trusters are flummoxed.

We broke down the NFL East mess and determined if Washington finds a way to beat Houston at home on Sunday, they would only need to win 2 of their last 6 games to clinch the NFC East and proceed to be quickly bounced in the playoffs.

LeVeon Bell is gone, but his former Steeler team-mates raided his locker like they had just bought a unit on Storage Wars. We had TAPE.

We mocked 5-million dollar man Mike Francessa for his Stan Lee stupidity on NYC sports radio and broke the news porn lawyer Michael Avenatti had been busted for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife. We also pointed out he is "innocent until proven guilty" something he didn't deem necessary in an attempt to destroy life and career of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with several fraudulent witnesses.

Miss Robin had great updates on a Florida Man who was NAKED and Not Afraid and a 35-yr Old Japanese dude who dropped tons of cash to marry a 16-yr old Anime Hologram because that's what the wacky Japanese do to derive immense pleasure.

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