Nov 16, 2018, 06:00 AM

In Episode 25 Gemma and Holly took a theme suggestion from The Bottomless Pit Podcast and covered Murder Bombs! Or rather, people that kill using Bombs. Kind of. They talk about The Bath School Disaster of the 1920's and then move on to the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack – covering psychopaths and cults all in one shot. In this episode the girls eat some fan gift candy and proceed to flail their arms wildly, Holly thanks a town for not having a stupid name and Gemma aces the Japanese language.

Recording and all the other tech stuff done by Producer Craig who has constructed some sort of magical box that is made up of dials, wires and hamsters which removes heavy breathing noises. Holly is terrified of it. His salary has now doubled to a KFC dinner and sofa privileges.

Editing and post-production done by Holly for this episode….send all complaints to Producer Craig because Holly and Gemma only read nice things. And murder.


WARNING - Explicit language, content and themes (plus whatever else will cover us legally)

Recorded in a secret location somewhere in Scotland