Cowboys Must Win Every Week - Conversation w/ Ben Grimaldi

Nov 17, 2018, 02:18 PM

SportsTalkLine Conversation - The Dallas Cowboys must now win every week.

Join Host Steven Van Over and Ben Grimaldi as they take an up-close look at last weeks crucial victory over the reigning World Champion Eagles, how the team got that job done and what it means going forward. Can Jason Garrett continue this aggressive style of coaching and lead his players to the playoffs? Next up is the Falcons and they manhandled the Cowboys last season.

Robust, straight to the point and with no holds barred host Steven Van Over puts forth the hard questions and gets straight answers from guests who are thoughtful and not afraid to share the wealth. Check back for more conversations from the network.

STL Conversation with Ben Grimaldi

SportsTalkLine Podcast

The Dallas Cowboys Must Win Every Week

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